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Whenever the management floors of big groups and medium-sized companies talk about service optimisation, her name is at the top of every list of specialists and consultants. Sabine Hübner is passionate for the topic of service. That is what others see, hear and feel. Those who get to know her, directly understand: This woman loves what she does. She loves it so much, that it does not even feel like doing hard work. Sabine Hübner is a successful employer, speaker, progressive thinker and practitioner through and through. Her industrial diversity is unique. National as well as international companies trust in her solution strategies.

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Turn the service desert into an oasis!

The management consultancy for customer enthusiasm

Sabine Hübner and Carsten K. Rath are questioners from conviction. With their management consultancy they both devoted themselves to the enthusiasm of customers. Together with their team they support companies on the way towards enthusiastic clients and loyal employees. RichtigRichtig draws on a wide range of histories and examples from the two worlds of experience. Sabine Hübner already grew up with cordiality and individuality. For many years now, she is passionate for the topic of service culture and traces the fast change of needs which link us to people and brands. Carsten K. Rath opened and ran Grand Hotels on four different continents. His enthusiasm is directed at the interfaces of service and leadership.

Together they account for the question: How can companies distinguish themselves from others rather than just comparing themselves with others?


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