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To drive service improvement, you must first move people to action – Sabine Hübner does just that. Whoever experiences Sabine first-hand sees it, feels it, and hears it. They immediately understand: This woman loves what she does. She loves it so much that it’s not just work for her. It is a passion.

When the buzzword “service improvement” pops up on the executive floors of large corporations and medium-sized business, the name Sabine Hübner is at the top of every list of service-specialists and consultants. National and international companies rely on her service strategies…for achieving excellent service, improving processes, and maintaining a motivated and empowered workforce.

Over the last 20 years Sabine achieved success as a successful entrepreneur, international sought-after thought-leader and speaker, and the service performance consultant among top experts in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This is your Sabine Hübner.

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