Service par excellence

Turn the service desert in an oasis!

On average, companies lose about 50% of their clients within 5 years. More than 70% of these clients defect to the competition because they hope for a better support and service. This is a disastrous number! The consequence: Companies put great effort into winning new clients instead of improving existing customer relationships and make them more profitable. But it can also be done in a different way. Service is the key to success!

Quality is what happens in the head of the clients. If the service quality does not appeal to their minds, the only thing that remains as a crucial factor for purchasing is the price. Amazing and individual services make a customer relationship valuable and they make the purchase an experience. Oftentimes, customers are willing to pay more for that. Intelligent and personal services are a strong distinguishing factor and ensure the continuous market success. Service establishes an important connection between the product and customer and makes a real difference.

In the end, the lived service quality is the sum of stories which people – employees as well as clients – tell about a company. And every story – be it positive or negative – influences the value of a brand.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to think about the service quality of your company and to write service stories that get under the skin.

We live in a time where the digital world finds its way into the material world. The boundary between product and service dissolves. Products and services are by far not enough anymore to remain competitive. An additional digital service offer saves the future in many industries. What is more is the fact that the client of today is as autonomous, informed, critical and selective as he has never been before. Every contact point of a company with a client is a test.
If the service is not adequate, the client leaves or communicates his displeasure publically. Both of these possibilities hurt, cost money and the good name.

Disrupt or be disrupted. New companies, which establish themselves successfully in traditional markets, have the distinction of turning entire industries with their business models and offers inside out. They get rid of old habits and break with unwritten rules of the industry. By doing so, they cut the ground from under the feet of long-established companies. But this is not really necessary.


  • Digital and personal services – These two fit together perfectly. How to close the interfaces between digital and personal service in an excellent way
  • How digital services make your performance truly valuable
  • Faster than the client. Fulfill wishes that your clients did not even know about
  • How your company makes a name for itself in times of digitalisation

Result This presentation takes away the fear of digitalisation and highlights many possibilites to survive in the world of tomorrow and to fascinate customers with excellent service. It motivates to make the digital world become a friend in life and to connect the best of both worlds in an outstanding way.

About 70 % of the employees in Germany work in the service sector. They generate about 70 % of the gross value added. Statistically, we could have already reached the point of a nationwide service oasis – but in fact, we have not reached this point yet. Whenever the client is fidgeting in the hotline or has to wait at the counter for a long time, he still is the subservient petitioner. The client is buffeted by indifferent employees, gagged by managers who always focus on the costs and pushed aside by unimaginative standard products. The client is not a king at all.

What we need is a completely different service atmosphere in our country. We need employers and employees who love service. We need brilliant ideas and active people who do everything for making their ideas come true. Even if they encounter resistance at first – which is absolutely normal. Those who break with existing patterns always encounter resistance. “We have never done it like this before“, is what they say. Or: “Who will pay for this?“ Or: “We do not even have the capacities to do this!“ Or: “The administration effort will bring about our downfall.“


  • Satisfied is not enough. Excellent service is the key to market leadership
  • How excellent service is defined and what needs to be considered with reference to service performance
  • How service makes life easier, nicer and better
  • Successful examples, which make you look forward to great service

Result This presentation wants to encourage and inspire you: Be different than others, be better than others. Count on excellent service. You will see how much fun good service is for you and your clients. What is even better is the fact that you can directly see the emotional profit: Perfect service captivates everyone. And on the long run you will see how your service quality reflects itself in your finances. Because perfect service does not only make you more successful, it also makes you a bit richer.

People do not long for mass-produced articles. People long for attention and a service that makes life easier, takes away work and saves time as well as energy. The client of the future wants to communicate with a company on equal terms and he insists on companies that listen to him. He is not interested in what the marketing departments suggest and he does not want to be put off by outsourced service departments. What he wants is that the companies provide him with what he really wishes for – or even better: What he would wish for if he knew about it. Moments of service function like “cognitive barbs“. Customers simply need to fancy being in contact with a company again and again. Because they felt welcome or life was made easier and better. Service is not a soft topic, it is economically relevant. Service is sale.


    • From service based on coincidence towards a planned peak performance
    • See the customer’s perspective. Break the rules and act from a customer’s point of view
    • Frame the contact points with your clients in an intelligent way and make quality noticeable in every moment
    • Break the bottlenecks and create added value. Establish an increase in value with intelligent services

Result Even today many companies generate the bigger part of their income with flanking services. This presentation emphasises that service is a matter of the heart. It shows how service becomes the growth engine in your company.

A company does not have a culture, it is a culture. The image of a company in the market is not only determined by the quality of its products but even more by the people. The lived service culture is the sum of stories which people – employees as well as clients – tell about a company. Every encounter, every process makes history. And every story – be it positive or negative – influences the image and value of a brand. If the conditions of the market change, a company oftentimes needs to reinvent itself in order to survive. This requires a new thinking of every employee and quite often a reform of the service culture, which is the ideal way in the competition for the favour of clients. From the managers to the apprentices: When talking about the implementation of service culture, every single person counts. There is no separation of the outer and inner sphere. Those who want to persuade their clients with excellent service need to win their own teams at first. This is due to the fact that every company has the same number of press officers and employees in the digital age. Superiority of companies in the market can only be reached with a spirit that works towards an amazing service. Investments into a consequent culture of service promise a high return on investment. The numbers of every industry prove: It is much more expensive to win new clients than to keep existing ones.


  • Focus on the employees. Only things that shine from the inside can sparkle from the outside
  • How you establish a spirit that leads to great service, attracts the best employees and makes your company outstanding
  • Focus on the client. How you control your Service-DNS with the right measurements and win your employees for a positive error culture

Result Based on enlightening examples from consultancy projects, this presentation clearly shows where service culture succeeds and where it fails to do so. The work in defined processes is controllable and measurable. Still, attitude cannot be displayed with common management tools. The contents provide clear advice how to lead the seemingly soft topic of service towards a lived attitude of the employees.

We are catching up on service. But there are many things that still do not work the way they should: We have to wait for taxis, for cables, for packages. We pay a lot of money for a little saving of time. We are not surprised by punctuality, hearty just-in-time moments or smart workflows. What we lack are the magic moments, which make excellent service for customers unforgettable. Why doesn’t it function in a better way? Because service is much too often thought in a mechanical way. The perspective leads towards the optimal process. By doing so, one important point is left out of sight. Service can only be excellent if companies develop the management of contact points with their clients from a technical to an emotional one. These moments are the ones, which do not only make clients happy but also the employees.


  • From an ambitious service provider to a secret service magician.
  • Unexpected nice things unfortunately happen much too seldom. Why perfect processes enable a high tempo but are only half of the story
  • The power of the right timing. Unfold moments, break the rules – with courage and feeling

Result This presentation is a plea for opening up processes for more freedom and humanity in order to reach magical moments with the most important good companies can have: Clients. This might sound soft but has a strong consequence: economic success.

Practicing marketing with a watering can does not function anymore. People have a strong need to be perceived: The wish to feel seen, heard and understood. Empathy in connection with friendliness has a great effect. It establishes personal moments and is the best way to win the trust of customers. Along with friendliness, we express commitment and goodwill. We open up the possibility to influence even the most difficult situation in a positive way. Only with empathy we are able to understand the viewpoint of others. We are able to act courteously and can provide the exact solution along with the right communication. For a maximal encounter quality in this very moment and amazed clients.


  • Empathy can be learned. The 4 steps of empathy
  • From agile dispersal to focused attention. Understand what moves the others
  • Unfold empathic moments. Because the HOW gives value to the WHAT.

Result “Empathy is what you have or do not have.“ The presentation does away with this fairytale once and for all and gives directly applicable advice how empathy can be developed. Moreover, you learn how empathy leads to real relationship quality in the contact with clients and colleagues.